The consequences of distracted driving are no joke, and this behavior results in thousands of fatal accidents every year in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “Distracted driving is dangerous, claiming 3,477 lives in 2015 alone.” At the Law Offices of Zappettini & Bradley, we think “dangerous” is an […]

Typically, most of encounter two main types of drivers in the world – the drivers that become irate when they are stuck behind someone travelling slowly in the left lane, and those who have no clue that it is even a problem, or that they are far more likely to cause a car accident. The […]

If you have been hit by a teen driver, or if your teenager was injured or killed due to their friend’s negligence, we can help. Teenage drivers, specifically 16-19 year olds, have a significantly higher risk of being involved in a car accident than any other age groups. In fact, a teen driver is nearly […]

The failure of a driver to come to a full and complete stop in a common cause Sacramento-area vehicle accidents. Our experienced team of Sacramento car accident attorneys have helped many of our clients recover damages from accidents that resulted from another driver failing to stop at an intersection. Give us a call us today at […]

One of the most important decisions of traumatic brain injury survivor to make after the accident is selecting the right attorney. Finding the best lawyer for your case can be a daunting task, especially for someone with a brain injury. These 5 simple steps will help you find the right attorney for your brain injury […]

“In recent tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or what most of us know it better as, IIHS, the Escape and Outlander Sport did not impress anyone with their overlap crash protection on the passenger side. IIHS did its small overlap front test on the two SUVs, which it introduced last year to […]

A car accident is a traumatizing experience that can result in serious injuries in addition to long-term physical and psychological suffering. As a Sacramento injury attorney, some of the the things we have seen and heard over our years serving the Sacramento community have surprised us. We wanted to share a few facts about car […]

With Northern California’s amazing weather, it is common for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to all share the road. But oftentimes safety is ignored, which can lead to deadly accidents. The number of fatalities involving bicycles and pedestrians increases every year. These types of accidents are particularly common in Sacramento. How Bike and Pedestrian Accidents Occur […]

SAN FRANCISCO — A woman in Tempe, Ariz., has died after being hit by a self-driving car operated by Uber, in what appears to be the first known death of a pedestrian struck by an autonomous vehicle on a public road. The Uber vehicle was in autonomous mode with a human safety driver at the […]

Walking through most Bay Area cities can be a frustrating experience. We are a car-centric society with little or no concern for people crossing our sunbathed streets. Our roads were not designed with a pedestrian-friendly approach in mind. Yet many pedestrians are out there, sharing your roads. Whether you are a local or a tourist, […]