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In personal injury lawsuits, lawyers talk about compensatory and punitive damages while economists may talk about hedonic damages. So what are hedonic damages? “Compensatory” and “punitive” are legal terms about what money a victim can be awarded. Compensatory damages pay for the harm, both physical and emotional, done to the victim or victims. Punitive damages […]

Below are common terms that may arise in a personal injury or civil trial case. At the Law offices of Zappettini and Bradley, we want our clients to be as educated as possible during the entire process. That means helping you from day one. On our website, we offer blog articles on a variety of […]

If you have been the victim of an injury suffered in a car accident, you may be considering hiring a lawyer, or you may have already retained one to represent you. In either case, there are certain documents your lawyer will need to see to develop a full understanding of your case and your chance […]

When can you sue for “pain and suffering” damages? Damages are an important part of a personal injury case; after all, if there’s no “injury,” then there’s no certainly no personal injury case. But along with damages for financial losses such as damage to property, lost wages, medical bills, personal injury suits may sometimes include […]

The majority of personal injury lawsuits are centered around the argument that another person’s negligence was the cause of an injury. What exactly is negligence, though? Negligence is defined as “the failure to behave with the level of care” that a reasonable person “would have exercised under the same circumstances.” Put another way, negligence is […]

The injuries sustained in an automobile accident depend on several factors- not limited to the direction of travel, speed of travel, and collisions. Typically, if a vehicle is hit from behind the chances of severe damage or injury is less likely, however, a client of mine was recently hit so hard from behind her car […]

A recent news article from takes a good look at how to avoid the most common collisions between bicycles and cars.  A lot of the information deals with bike safety techniques for riders.  While it should be noted that many bike crashes are not the fault of the bike rider, and the at-fault drivers […]

How do you select a personal injury attorney? Do you hire them based on their experiences, or maybe you might hire a personal injury lawyer based on his temper? There are several merits you should look for when hiring a personal injury attorney for your class= “bloglink” ase, including their: Accessibility Experience Payment Track Record […]