California Food Poisoning Lawyer

In the United States, federal regulations set the standards for production and delivery of food. Regulators enforce these standards via inspections. Occasionally these standards are not met, either intentionally or inadvertently. This can result in the contamination of food, causing consumers to be poisoned.

food poisoning lawyer

If food poisoning occurs, the responsible party (or parties) need to be held accountable for their incompetence. If you have been the victim of food poisoning, an experienced California food poisoning lawyer can help you navigate your legal options. The Law Offices of Shanie N. Bradley can help you recover compensation for any wages lost, the poisoning that you received, and pain and suffering.

We will consult you about your food poisoning case free of charge. If you choose to retain the services of our firm, you will not be charged any fees unless we win the case for you.

Types of Food Poisoning

  • Calicivirus
  • Salmonella
  • Norovirus
  • Clostridium botulinum
  • Hepatitis A
  • Cyclospora
  • E-coli
  • Giardia lamblia
  • Campylobacter
  • Listeria
  • Cryptosporidia

Causes of Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can be caused by both food and beverages. It can occur at a five-star restaurant, fast food chain, or even in a home kitchen. It can occur in raw, cooked, or packaged foods. Food-borne illnesses can be caused by a wide range of chemicals, parasites, bacterial and viral pathogens, parasites, and toxins.

At its root, food poisoning is caused by contaminated food. Contaminants can be introduced in many different ways, including food left for extended periods of time at room temperature, exposure to contaminants in the varying stages of food processing, poor hygiene of food handlers, or use of unsterilized utensils.

The Source of Foodborne Illness

Ingredients in our meals arrive on our plate through a complex supply chain. Our fruits, vegetables, and grains are grown in fields and orchards. They are then treated with pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals. After being picked, processed and shipped the preservatives and other additives are then added. The food spends time in trucks, in distribution warehouses, and industrial refrigerators. The food is handled by farm workers, processors, grocers, cooks and more. Our meats and other food groups have similar levels of exposure, and this is all before it arrives on our plate. For this reason, the responsible party for your sickness may lie with anyone along your food’s path to your plate.

When serious food poisoning occurs, it is important that the responsible party is held responsible. No matter where you consumed your food, hiring an experienced food poisoning attorney is critical. The Law Offices of Shanie N. Bradley partners with industry experts to track down the source of contamination and see that those who are responsible for your sickness are held accountable.

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