The major reason a motorcyclist is more likely to be killed in an accident is due to the lack of protection compared to regular passenger cars. There are some very common situations that tend to result in a serious Sacramento motorcycle accident. In the United States, there are roughly 9 million motorcycles on the road. […]

The massive size and mass of semi-trucks make them especially dangerous when they’re involved in accidents on our highways and roads. In fact, big rigs are responsible for some of the deadliest motor-vehicle accidents. These highway giants seem to materialize everywhere, all in response to our ever-increasing consumer demands. With more big rigs come more […]

Being an eyewitness might seem like a hassle, but what it does for the people involved in a car accident can sometimes be invaluable. As an experienced Sacramento car accident lawyer, we understand the concerns about being a witness, and the value. We have put together information on what to do if you witness a […]

Were you injured in a improper lane change accident involving a big rig? Are you wondering what you should do next? Are you wondering who is at fault? Determining fault is one of the fundamental elements of a personal injury case. Once a determination is made of who is at fault in a lane change […]

In any circumstances, vehicle accidents are distressing. Even a seemingly minor accident can leave costly medical bills and dramatic life changes in its wake. If you were hurt in a vehicle accident, you might be asking yourself what to do next, how you can keep your case moving forward, or even if there is a […]

According to the data compiled by the Office of Traffic Safety (CA OTS), just in Sacramento County alone, there were over 9700 injury/fatality accidents recorded in 20145. Nearly one third of those accidents were speed related, and roughly 1100 of them involved alcohol. These statistic are scary, and hit very close to home. Even a […]

Have you suffered a traumatic brain injury? Brain injuries can cause permanent mental and physical damage. The third largest cause of traumatic brain injuries is vehicle accidents, coming closely behind falls, and being struck by/with an object. Traumatic Brain injuries contribute to over 50,000 deaths in the US each year.  CDC defines a traumatic brain injury […]

Windshield wipers may seem insignificant but they are essential to keep you safe, especially during the sudden rainstorms that seem to pass through Northern California. When they don’t work properly, they need to be fixed or replaced otherwise they may create a hazard and cause a serious accident. If you were involved in an accident […]

Drowsy driving plays a role in nearly eight times as many accidents as federal estimates suggest, according to a study released recently. Everyone knows the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol, but many people aren’t aware of risks of drowsy driving. Considering that nearly 328,000 car accidents can be linked to drowsy […]