Product Liability Attorney Sacramento

If you’ve been injured by a dangerous or defective product from a company you thought you could trust, The Law Offices of Shanie N. Bradley has the strength and experience to help you. Product liability refers to holding a sellers or manufacturers responsible – or liable – for placing a defective or dangerous product in the hands of consumers. The law that governs product liability is different than the ones governing general personal injury laws, so it is crucial that you hire a law firm with specific experience in these types of matters. There are no federal product liability laws, so every state has its own consumer protection laws covering strict liability, breach of warranty of sellers and manufacturers, and negligence.

product liability attorney Sacramento


Design Defect – If a part or parts within the design of the product is unsafe or dangerous it might have design defects.

Marketing Defect – If their products were labeled improperly or they lack instructions or an adequate safety warning then it might have marketing defects.

Manufacturing Defect – If their products have a flaw or defect that isn’t in the design, but happened during assembly or manufacturing, it could have manufacturing defects.


When dangerous product defects are present, the seller or manufacturer is and should be held responsible.  In some cases, the manufacturers have to prove that they weren’t negligent in producing defective products, sometimes – in a strict liability case – negligence does not have to be proven, just that their products were defective.