Stop Sign Intersection Accidents

The failure of a driver to come to a full and complete stop in a common cause Sacramento-area vehicle accidents.

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Car Accidents at Stop Sign Intersections

Stop signs are strategically placed to regulate the flow of traffic through intersections, and help reduce the speed of vehicles travelling through certain areas, like neighborhoods, and school zones. There are 2 and 4-way stops, and their utilization depends on the flow of traffic from any given direction.

Assuming that Oncoming traffic at a 2-way stop intersection has to stop.

The mistaking that oncoming traffic is going to stop often occurs in a safe driver, who makes a full stop at the intersection. Then they look both ways to ensure the intersection is clear, and here is where they make the incorrect judgment that the oncoming traffic has to stop. On that assumption, they pull out into the intersection and are struck, broadside, or T-Bone.

T-bone collisions tend to be incredibly hazardous, particularly to those in the vehicle that was hit. Since there is less protection in a car on the sides, passengers often suffer major injuries as well. Injuries resulting from this type of accident often include spinal or spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and worse.

It is likely your injuries are severe if you were involved in a t-bone collision. The attorneys at the Law Office of Zappettini and Bradley can help you seek the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Failure to Yield

A very common cause of intersection accidents is recklessly speeding or rolling through a stop sign, and attempting to pass through an intersection when another vehicle is at the same time.

We actually see a high number of rear-end accidents occurring at stop sign intersections too. These tend to be low-impact collision, but can still result in whiplash, spinal or even traumatic brain injuries.

Sacramento Intersection Accident Attorneys

Determining which drive is at fault in a stop sign intersection accident can be complicated, and typically requires eye-witness accounts, and possible a reconstruction expert. They use the damage from the cars and the injuries sustained to help paint an accurate picture of how the accident occurred.

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