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The massive size and mass of semi-trucks make them especially dangerous when they’re involved in accidents on our highways and roads. In fact, big rigs are responsible for some of the deadliest motor-vehicle accidents. These highway giants seem to materialize everywhere, all in response to our ever-increasing consumer demands. With more big rigs come more […]

Were you injured in a improper lane change accident involving a big rig? Are you wondering what you should do next? Are you wondering who is at fault? Determining fault is one of the fundamental elements of a personal injury case. Once a determination is made of who is at fault in a lane change […]

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY March 1, 2018 (CBS13) – A big rig crashed Thursday and was hanging off an overpass south of Tracy. The crash happened late Thursday morning near the Westley Rest Area at the eastbound Interstate 5 and 580 connector. The big rig was removed from the area. Fortunately there were no injuries resulting from […]

In light of this major traffic incident near Elk Grove, which snarled traffic for hours yesterday, we would like to offer you a few tips on how to stay safe when sharing the road with semi trucks, and avoid truck accidents like these!. When commercial trucks share the roadways with passenger vehicles, tractor trailer accidents […]

One of the most hazardous maneuvers a driver can take is to cut in front of a big rig. Due to the increased momentum of tractor-trailers compared to a passenger vehicle, it is more difficult for them to make short stops or sudden turns without losing control of the vehicle. All too often, we represent […]

There are over three million professional truck drivers in the United States as reported by the American Trucking Association. With the abundance of semi truck drivers on the road, most of them can usually be found driving on the main interstate highways, essentially meaning that there is a higher risk for semi truck wrecks. There […]

Driving too close to an 18-wheeler can be quite intimidating and stressful, especially in situations where the road is congested with big trucks. However, this is a regular occurrence on the freeways and highways in California. As a result, it is a good idea to learn how to drive safely around these trucks, in order […]