Can Faulty Windshield Wipers Can Cause Accidents?

Windshield wipers may seem insignificant but they are essential to keep you safe, especially during the sudden rainstorms that seem to pass through Northern California. When they don’t work properly, they need to be fixed or replaced otherwise they may create a hazard and cause a serious accident.

If you were involved in an accident caused by a defective automobile part, it is best you hire an experienced Sacramento car accident lawyer to protect you from a variety of legal risks associated with this category of accidents.

Bad Weather And Broken Wipers

Heavy rain and wind are fairly common in California, at least parts of the year. If you have lost visibility due to malfunctioning or defective wipers, you may be caught in the rain or a storm causing you to crash into another vehicle. Windshield wipers are important to keep you safe. You should take the required steps to ensure your wipers are properly working, that includes replacing the wiper blades and ensuring proper maintenance. However, there are times when a defect may have caused the accident.

You can learn more about driving safely in inclement weather here.

Windshield Wiper Recalls

There have been several recalls in California due to defective windshield wipers. Toyota is one of the automakers experiencing these defects. There are some signs of wiper defect including deterioration of the rubber or when there is uneven swiping. Some wipers may also stop or fail from time to time.

Dangerous Types Of Defects

Windshield wipers seem simple but they are not. The system has a few parts such as the wiper arm connected to the base and also a motor that keeps everything working. When an element is defective, you may have less visibility during poor weather conditions. According to the Federal Highway Administration, visibility is associated with almost 50% of fatal crashes.

Some signs your wiper needs replacement include:

  • Streaking and chattering
  • When the rubber deteriorates too quickly
  • Uneven sweeps
  • Failing windshield wiper motor
  • Wipers that stop

Product Liability Attorney Sacramento

Product liability refers to holding a sellers or manufacturers responsible – or liable – for placing a defective or dangerous product in the hands of consumers. The law that governs product liability is different than the ones governing general personal injury laws, so it is crucial that you hire a law firm with specific experience in these types of matters.There are no federal product liability laws, so every state has its own consumer protection laws covering strict liability, breach of warranty of sellers and manufacturers, and negligence.

Types of Product Defects – The Legal Definitions

Design Defect –

If a part or parts within the design of the product is unsafe or dangerous it might have design defects.

Marketing Defect –

If their products were labeled improperly or they lack instructions or an adequate safety warning then it might have marketing defects.

Manufacturing Defect –

If their products have a flaw of defect that isn’t in the design, but happened during assembly or manufacturing, it could have manufacturing defects.

What Can You Do?

If your windshield wipers are defective, it is best you contact the manufacturer or check to see if there has been a recall. You can also ask your mechanic to check your blades and determine if they are broken. Sometimes manufacturers may delay a recall because they don’t want to be responsible for the damages. This is why it is important you hire adequate legal representation if you believe your accident was caused by lack of visibility. The attorney can determine if the manufacturer is responsible for the accident and liable for the injuries.

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