Caltrans is making changes to prevent wrong-way driver accidents

Redding, Calif — The worst accidents we see on the road are ones caused by wrong way drivers, and over the last few months many high-profile accidents have caught the attention of the public.

Now Caltrans is taking action and is beginning to add red reflectors on freeways to help with the problem.

“They are changing that as we speak to all the markers on the freeway on the back side of them wrong way traffic will see red reflectors,” said Caltrans District 2 Chief of Traffic Information Rob Stinger.

These red plastic reflectors will be added every 48 feet on every lane.

Meaning more than one thousand reflectors per mile.

The program has already started in cities like Redding and San Diego, and Caltrans District Two is ready to jump into the sea of red.

Those cities have also began using technology to fight against these accidents, but, at this time, there is no research to prove those are working.

”I believe UC Davis is helping out with the study on that, and from what I heard by the end of 2018 is when the results will be complete,” said Stinger.

But Caltrans District Two say although you can’t see the red reflectors in Shasta County now, he is hoping the change will happen soon.

“They expect two to three years until all of the markers are replaced,” added Stinger

Watch the news story here.


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