Rehabilitation Following a Car Accident

Recovering from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident can take a financial and emotional toll on you and your family

The effects of a major traffic accident can last a lifetime, and if you have temporarily or permanently disabled as a result of one, we can help. It can take special rehabilitation to return to your normal way of life, and these occupational therapy programs can be included in your personal injury or car accident claim. Bring us the details of your car accident and the injuries incurred and we can help you pursue your claim against a negligent driver and secure your funding for occupational therapy.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is designed for individuals that have been left with “disabilities” following an accident. It provides specialized assistance in learning to adapt to the disability so that the victim may lead an independent and satisfying life despite the injuries. The therapy focuses on improving all aspects of life including self care, work, and leisure activities. If a negligent driver took these opportunities away from you, have the legal right to seek financial compensation that will cover the cost of occupational therapy, in addition to any ongoing medical treatment you may require. .

An occupational therapist is trained to assess the individual needs of the accident victim, and develop and implement a treatment plan with definitive goals. For minor disabilities this could be the return to the workforce, while for those who suffered a severe disability such as a traumatic brain injury, it might be as frustratingly simple as learning to get dressed alone, or feed oneself again. In most cases occupational therapy works with the victim’s entire family to ensure that they too understand the special needs of their loved one.

How Our Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

Our attorneys will help you and your family in getting the occupational therapy you need by aggressively pursuing your accident claim.

Any sort of occupational therapy or rehabilitation will be a part of of future medical care and not part of the medical expenses of your lawsuit. These are estimated future expenses based on the testimony that will be provided by an expert occupational therapist witness. Our law firm will secure this type of witness for your accident claim. This expert witness will be able to provide a detailed description of the types of therapies you will need, an approximate time frame for that therapy, and an estimated cost. This will help in establishing your need for future or long-term medical care.

In the event that the debilitating injuries prevent the victim from ever returning to work or be able to be self-sufficient again, an occupational therapist will aid the family with setting up an environment in the home that will make life easier both for the accident victim and thier family. Wheelchair ramps, bathroom modifications, and even construction of a ground floor bedroom could all be a part of the recommended home environment changes. These types of costs will be added in to the occupational therapy portion of your accident claim.

Sacramento Car Accident Attorney

Many adjustments to your life will continue to be made as you learn to live with a lasting disability resulting from a vehicle collision. Make sure that you are prepared these changes and evolving needs by filing your claim against the reckless driver who is responsible for it.

If you are involved in a car accident, contact law offices of Zappettini and Bradley as soon as possible! Our expert car accident attorneys will work hard to prove liability and get you the financial compensation your rightly deserve.