What Elements Play a Part in Proving Fault in an Auto Collision?

In any accident, it is important to know who is at fault for the accident. This will determine who will be held financially liable. In some cases, it might be obvious who is at fault. However, evidence must be provided to support these claims. To help you develop a strong and credible argument, here are some things that will help you back your claims.

Traffic Laws:

Traffic laws vary by state. These laws must be followed by the driver. It is beneficial to prove that you were following traffic laws while the other party was not. This is a very strong piece of evidence to prove your argument and gives you the upper hand after presenting it.

Police Reports:

Police reports are official legal documents providing a detailed account of all details regarding the car accident. These reports also contain the officer’s opinion on who is at fault. A police report is the most important piece of evidence to support your argument.

Amending a Police Report:

If you identify a mistake in your police report, you can sometimes get it amended. For example, if there’s a mistake on factual information like a wrong license plate number, it can get fixed no problem. It’s difficult to amend other information like statements and the officer’s opinion, but not impossible.

No Fault Car Accidents:

In a no fault car accident, it’s obvious who is at fault for the collision. In these cases, there’s not a lot of discussion or argument in the processing of the case.

Rear End Car Accidents:

When proving fault in a rear end accident, it’s almost always the fault of the other driver. This gives you a good position and solid argument. The other driver failed to keep a safe distance between their vehicle and yours. In some cases, the driver in front might also be at fault by not using a turn signal or broken back lights. In these cases, the back driver is still liable but both drivers share the liability.

It can be confusing to prove fault in an auto accident. It is highly advised to contact an experienced attorney at The Law Offices of Zappetini and Bradley.