What NOT to Do After a Head-on Collision

While many people know a few things to do after an accident (e.g., call the police, call your insurer, etc.), most do not know what they should avoid. After an accident, steer clear of the following:

Declining Medical Care

Getting medical care is the most important thing to do after an accident. It helps to protect you physically and financially. Without a medical report linking your injuries to the accident, you are out of luck and will be unable to recover anything.

Relying on Memory

The first thing you should do when you are able is write down everything you remember about the accident. This will allow you to give the insurers and your attorney the fullest story possible. It also stops you from accidentally giving incorrect information and jeopardizing your case.

Ignoring Your Doctor’s Advice

Ignoring your doctor’s advice is the quickest way to ruin your case. If you refuse treatment, skip appointments, or do something your doctor advises against, the insurer will use that to claim that you are contributing to your injuries or that they are not as severe as you originally claimed.

Agreeing to a Recorded Statement

This can be detrimental to your claim. In the days following your accident, an insurance adjuster will likely call you to get your side of the story. She will likely ask you for a recorded statement. Decline this request.

During this call, the insurance adjuster will likely lull you into a false sense of security and then use your vulnerability against you. The insurer might trick you into admitting fault or agreeing that your injuries are not as severe as you claim.

Fighting Your Legal Battle Alone

Many accident victims would rather handle their claims alone, either because they think they have the experience necessary to get the compensation they deserve or they believe they cannot afford a lawyer.

While you can file a claim alone, unless you have years of experience filing claims or navigating the legal system, you will likely run into something that can trip you up and jeopardize your case.

And you can afford a lawyer. Most personal injury firms, ours included, work on a contingency fee basis, which means we recover nothing unless you win your case.

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