Ongoing Medical Care Following a Car Accident

Vehicle collisions often result in lasting injuries that require ongoing medical care.

Following a car accident, anyone would hope their injuries heal quickly and that they can pick their life back up where they left off when they when they were struck by a reckless driver. In most cases, this is exactly what happens, but for those who suffer a lasting injury or permanent disability from an accident, that familiar way of life could be gone forever.

The impact a permanent disability will have on an individual’s life is huge, and this disability will equally affect the family of the injured party as well. This impact is compounded when the person’s injury is so debilitating that they require long-term medical care. Our attorneys are very experienced in cases like these, and will fight to make sure your every need is cared for in the aftermath of the accident.

The major lifestyle changes that may result from a permanent disability can be incredibly challenging to face. Imagine not being able to work again, enjoy any of your hobbies, or even pick up your children. There is no amount of financial compensation that is sufficient to replace what you have lost, but an aggressive, experienced firm like our will ensure that the responsible party is held accountable for their actions. Our attorneys will get your the maximum amount of compensation possible so that any care you may need is covered.

Injuries Often Necessitating Ongoing Medical Care

There are a number of injuries that commonly occur in vehicle accidents that can be permanently debilitating. These include:

Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBI:

Trauma or injury to the brain may cause both mental and physical symptoms to car accident victims. Even long after a traumatic brain injury has healed, the deficits and symptoms may continue.

Spinal Cord Injuries:

Spine and spinal cord damage are very common in car accident victims. Injuries to the back or spinal cord often cause significant long-term problems, up to and including permanent paralysis. Even in the rare case where function can be restored, years of physical therapy may be required to recover the abilities you had before the accident. For those who do not recover, hundreds of thousands of dollars may be necessary for adaptive devices and future medical care.

Internal Organ Damage:

The G forces created during a vehicle collision can cause severe damage to internal organs, from bruising to lacerations and displacement. Injuries to internal organs like the liver, spleen, lungs or kidneys can be life-threatening since internal bleeding requires surgical intervention. Sometimes tissue or organ transplants may be required which need a lifetime of follow-up care and maintenance.


Losing a limb or even part of a limb is devastating both physically and emotionally. Many victims of amputation injuries suffer from severe bouts of anxiety or depression as a result of losing a part of their body. The impact on a victims day-to-day life can be huge, as mobility, driving, and even bathing could be limited or impossible.

Sacramento Automobile Accident Attorneys

These are just a sampling of the more serious car accident injuries that could require ongoing, long-term medical care. To ensure that the medical attention you may need will always be accessible, consult with one of our experienced car accident attorneys as soon as possible after an accident occurs.

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