Aggressive Driving Attorneys Sacramento

Aggressive, or reckless drivers can cause accidents that result in significant damage to your vehicle in addition to major injuries.

The legal definition of reckless driving is:

“…operation of an automobile in a dangerous manner under the circumstances, including speeding (or going too fast for the conditions, even though within the posted speed limit), driving after drinking (but not drunk), having too many passengers in the car, cutting in and out of traffic, failing to yield to other vehicles and other negligent acts. It is a misdemeanor crime. A “wet reckless” is a plea in a drunk driving prosecution allowed to lessen the penalty when the blood alcohol level is close to the legal limit.”

Reckless drivers put other drivers at risk, along with pedestrians and property. Aggressive, or reckless drivers can cause accidents that result in significant damage to your vehicle in addition to major injuries. Hiring a Sacramento car accident attorney in this unfortunate situation will give you the best chances for being awarded compensation for your injuries.

Aggressive drivers often have little to no regard for the safety and wellbeing of others who share the road. These drivers often disregard traffics laws and the other vehicles around them. Unexplained braking, tailgating, speeding, and sudden lane changing are all common behaviors of aggressive drivers.

These behaviors are very likely to cause major car crashes:

Excessive Speed

Speeding doesn’t just mean traveling over the posted speed limit. There are other factors a driver is supposed to consider, like weather, and road conditions. One example would be a driver traveling under the speed limit, but because the visibility was reduced by fog, he should have been driving even slower for safety. Another would be a driver attempting to pass a line of cars that have slowed for road construction. This driver might be found in violation of local speed laws.

Following Too Closely

One of the first things we are taught in Drivers Ed. (do they even still offer that?) is the importance of maintaining a safe following distance. There are even standards dictating how far one vehicle should travel behind another. The general guideline is a 2-3 car-length distance, or how ever long your vehicle needs to come to a full stop from the speed you are currently traveling. Often, aggressive drivers will tailgate, and follow too closely to be able to maneuver safely if there was a hazard and you needed to brake suddenly.

Sudden Lane Changes

This can take a variety of forms, from crossing a double-yellow line to get ahead of traffic to rapid lane changes on the highway. The challenge is being unable to predict what that driver may do, and that puts all the other vehicles around him in jeopardy.

Unnecessary Braking

This tactic is often used as an attempt to bully or intimidate other drivers. A sudden application of the brakes for no apparent reason can cause major, chain-reaction accidents with multiple injuries. If you happen to spot an aggressive driver near you while driving, the best thing to do is to move as far away from them as possible. Taking preventative measures to protect yourself can go a long way toward reducing your risk of accidents and injuries caused by reckless, aggressive drivers. If necessary, pull over to the side of the road and inform local law enforcement if you believe that their driving is putting others in the path of danger.

In the event that you are involved in an accident caused by an aggressive driver, contact a qualified accident attorney right away. Even if they drove off, your uninsured motorist coverage can be used to compensate for your losses from a car accident. Call the Law Offices of Zappettini and Bradley, at (916) 457-5022  or click here for a FREE CONSULTATION.