What to Do After a Multiple-Car Accident

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In some instances it is fairly easy to discern who is at fault when a car accident occurs. However, if you are in an accident where there was more than one driver involved, you may wonder who will be held liable.

Determining Fault

If you are in a car accident that is usually termed a “chain reaction,” where one car hits another and causes that car to hit another car, then typically, the original accident is where fault is found. If you hit a car and then that car hits another one, then you are responsible for whatever percentage of negligence is determined to be yours.

So if you have been in a multi-car accident, it is important to determine the causation of the original accident. Whoever is deemed responsible for the first crash will likely be held liable for the injuries and damages resulting from the accident – which in some instances can be pretty hefty. However, if the other drivers were determined to have contributed a percentage of negligence, their damage and injury settlements will be decreased by that percentage.

There are cases when other factors can be at play. For example, poor driving conditions, road construction, or even drinking and driving can result in a major accident. Negligence in legal terms means that they either took an action that directly led to the accident happening. It can also mean a driver failed to do something, and that failure to act directly led to the accident.

If there were other circumstances like poor road conditions, the at-fault driver may still liable and responsible for paying for all the injuries and damages that stemmed from the accident. However, if the conditions were dangerous, there is a chance that the at-fault driver might have the ability to sue whoever was responsible for maintaining the roadway. However, that will only help the at-fault driver to recover some of the damages they suffered; it will do nothing to change their liability as the at-fault driver.

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If you have been in a multi-car accident in California and liability is being questioned, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced attorney. You will need someone on your side to make sure that you aren’t left paying for someone else’s actions or negligence. Cases involving multiple vehicles can become complex very quickly.

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