Which Types of Vehicle Collisions Typically Have the Worst Consequences?

As experienced personal injury lawyers in Sacramento, we understand what type of vehicle accidents are more likely to have serious consequences, and how to deal with the aftermath of a Sacramento car crash.

Big-Rig Accidents

If a big rig and a passenger vehicle are involved in a collision, the people in the smaller vehicle are far more likely to be significantly injured than the truck driver. Attorneys representing individuals in truck accidents understand that it is vital to make sure these victims receive the financial compensation they deserve. The experienced attorneys of the Law Firm of Zappettini and Bradley have the ability to retain the services of expert witnesses and reconstruction artists to recreate the scene of the accident – including important details like: road and weather conditions, behavior of other drivers, and more. Additionally, they will seek out eyewitnesses who are able to corroborate the injured party’s account of the incident.

Motorcycle Accidents

It is very common for drivers and passengers on motorcycles to be severely injured in nearly any type of collision. Even with good protective gear, motorcycle riders are far less protected than individuals in cars. A helmet, body armor and gloves are not enough to protect a driver if their bike goes down. In accidents involving a motorcycle and another vehicle, the fatality rate for the motorcycle driver significantly higher. Despite all the negative press about things like lane-splitting, and helmet laws, it is more often the other driver who is at fault, and it is typically to inattention. Regardless of the circumstances of the accident, individuals injured in motorcycle accidents can get the compensation they deserve with the help of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

Bicycle Accidents

Similar to motorcycle accidents, collisions involving a vehicle and a bicycle can be particularly dangerous for the cyclist. Unfortunately it happens all too often – a cyclist is riding carefully, and obeying the rules of the road, yet still be hit by a passing motorist, who just happened to look the other direction for a split-second. Metropolitan and urban areas tend to be hazardous for bicyclists, since other drivers may run red lights, or make turns without thoroughly checking to be sure the intersection was clear. In any case, the injuries suffered by the cyclist may be severe, and its important to consult a qualified personal injury attorney who is experienced with bicycle accidents.

Why the Law Firm of Zappettini and Bradley?

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