Motorcycle Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Riding a motorcycle offers an indescribable thrill, but part of that rush is the ever-present danger. Motorcycles offer little protection in accidents, which is one reason why nearly 5000 bikers lost their lives in 2016, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

In addition to physical pain and a daunting recovery, survivors of motorbike wrecks often face overwhelming debt due to medical bills and time off work.

This danger is part of the excitement, and it certainly is not dissuading bikers in California from hitting the streets. If you are a rider, then you may be able to reduce your risk of an injury by purchasing the appropriate gear such as:

  • A helmet
  • A leather jacket
  • Body armor
  • And leather boots with rubber soles


Motorcycle helmet technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Manufacturers have already introduced helmets that feature built-in airbags, which can prevent brain injuries from a direct impact or hitting the pavement.

Your helmet should fit your jaw and cheeks snugly. You should never buy a used helmet because it may have been damaged in a previous crash. Also, make sure your helmet is certified by Snell or the Department of Transportation.

Leather Jacket

Arkansas may be sweltering in the summer, but it is never ok to leave your leather jacket behind. If you ride a motorcycle, a leather jacket can help you avoid road rash and other injuries if the worst happens.

Body Armor

In addition to wearing a high-quality, leather jacket, you can add an extra layer of protection with body armor. In fact, some jacket designers have introduced models with built-in body armor. You can also purchase body armor separately.

Motorcycle body armor features memory foam that absorbs the energy of an impact. This can prevent broken bones and internal injuries.

Leather Boots with Rubber Soles

Fortunately, there are steps that riders can take to minimize their risk of crashing:

  • Learn to brake correctly
  • Overtake safely
  • Reduce your speed cautiously
  • And practice speed control

Here are four motorcycle safety tips that could save your life:

Learn to Brake Correctly

It is imperative that you learn proper braking technique before you hit the road. According to Ride Apart, your brakes are the most valuable safety features at your disposal. However, this is only true if you use them correctly. Braking with the wrong technique can cause you to lose control and crash.

You should practice braking in an empty parking lot. Start by gently tapping your brakes while riding slowly. You need to learn how the bike responds. When the front tire starts tightening or the back one lifting from the ground, you can incrementally start braking at faster speeds.

Overtake Safely

Overtaking on a motorcycle is not the same as overtaking in a car. It is more dangerous for bikers because they are small and can disappear in drivers’ blind spots. Look ahead of the leading vehicle before you overtake to make sure you can complete the maneuver safely.

Reduce Your Speed Cautiously

You should never hit the brakes abruptly on a motorcycle. This can cause you to lose control of the bike, and the driver behind you may not react in time and rear-end your motorcycle.

Always keep your finger on the brake lever; this will quicken your response so you have more time to brake when necessary. This is particularly important in congested traffic.

Practice Speed Control

Practicing speed control will help other motorists predict your actions. Sudden speed changes will force them to recalculate their own plans and react to your changes. This may not happen in time. Rather, be a consistent rider by matching your speed to the flow of traffic.

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